Things you should know about .NET 5

I know many of you are waiting for an LTS to jump in and upgrade your systems, but I think this time things are a bit different! First of all, the next LTS will be .NET 6 which is planned for November 2021, and secondly .NET 5 is already published two months ago as RC1. Actually, two release candidates of .NET 5 were published and tested by many before the actual release:
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C# 9.0

It may be that .NET 5, the one and only .NET that will clear the confusion and lead the way for the next years was probably the biggest(?) announcement of Microsoft Build 2020, but there were numerous other equally important; from the general availability of the Blazor WebAssembly, the Azure Static Web Apps and all the projects related to IoT and Artificial Intelligence, all the way to .NET MAUI (short for Multi-platform App UI), Visual Studio Codespaces,  Entity Framework Core 5, Project Tye, Azure Quantum and the multiple new features and capabilities of Azure Cosmos DB.

Although there were many more interesting things, C# 9 was left out intentionally because in this post we will deal with some of its exciting new features!

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