.NET 6 Breaking Changes

.NET 6, A guide for the high impact Breaking Changes

.NET 6 is the first Long-Term-Support (LTS) version since the “one .NET to rule them all” era, which means it’s plan as future-proof. It includes a tone of improvements and changes that are planned to live long, thing that brought with it a few high impact Breaking Changes. Although there are lower impact braking changes too, this guide will help you identify if any of the important ones really affect you, and provide a suggestion at the same time.

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Things you should know about .NET 5

I know many of you are waiting for an LTS to jump in and upgrade your systems, but I think this time things are a bit different! First of all, the next LTS will be .NET 6 which is planned for November 2021, and secondly .NET 5 is already published two months ago as RC1. Actually, two release candidates of .NET 5 were published and tested by many before the actual release:
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