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SQL Server: Using RANK to display PERCENT (percentage of relevance)

So you end up with a query l that returns what you searched for and with SQL Server Full Text Search engine, and with it the RANK column! How do you end up with a percentage of relevance for your users to enjoy?

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C#: Getting a user IP behind a proxy (HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR)

Did you know that HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR can return multiple IPs? According to the format is:

X-Forwarded-For: client, proxy1, proxy2

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SQL Server: How to simulate DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS

I usually store triggers, store procedures, functions, queries etc in sql files in an SVN repository. I then use a simple app I wrote, that just opens each file and executes it. The problem of course is CREATE and ALTER. I can’t use CREATE because the same trigger might already be there. On the other hand I couldn’t use ALTER because some triggers might be new.

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SQL Server: Using .NET assemblies (SQLCLR)

SQL Server: Using .NET assemblies (SQLCLR)

SQLCLR is a technology for hosting of the .NET CLR engine inside SQL Server. Adding an assembly can be a lifesaver sometimes, since the limitations of coding in TSQL stored procedures, triggers or functions are a lot and profound.

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SQL Server: Weird behavior with CONTAINSTABLE, ISABOUT and weighted terms

I came across the following weird behavior in an ISABOUT query in SQL SERVER, that involves the weight keyword and the final rank of the results. I want to describe this behavior here, just in case someone has a good explanation for it!

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